Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why video is such a powerful marketing tool

How it increases sales and why everyone is using it.


Today, video accounts for 51% of web traffic.

It's prefered over text by 70% of web users.

They are time poor but content hungry so businesses need to put their message across fast and well. Video gives you the potential to reach to engage with a far greater audience through the internet. Plus, showing your brand is far more powerful than have some text describing it. 

Google search websites for separate content like images and video which gives forward thinking companies an opportunity to gain an advantage over their competitors, improve their search ranking and enhance their website by introducing video content. 


Apart from giving great first impressions, video will also generate sales by:

* Increasing traffic to site
* Enhancing your SEO
* Improving online presence
* Improving conversion rate

Video increases the time prospective customers spend on your site by 344% and promotes engagement, offering something different to share via social media. It is also 53 times more likely to get your website on the first page of search engines versus text only. 

Many businesses are already using the powerful medium of video and getting their businesses ahead of their competitors. 


Pixel Postcards is a video production and marketing company that provides:

* Video production
* Video distribution
* Online marketing
* SEO 

Video has become more important to web users and potential customers, and is now an essential marketing tool for all businesses. Our expertise allows us to tailor a project to each individual clients needs, which results in more conversions and the best ROI.  

A good web presence is vital to a healthy business and most online marketing campaigns now feature video because it's so much more memorable than reading some text. 

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  1. Yes, most internet users prefer videos over text, and these definitely make a site visitor stay longer in the site. A good video ad is certainly an asset to a company, as it can attract potential clients, as long as the video stays posted in the internet.

    -Rose Ector

    1. Thanks for your comments Rose. It's amazing how many companies are still not sure about video though....